CBD Oil - Full Spectrum VS THC-Free? 

05.08.19 05:48 PM By cannalivingcrystal - Comment(s)
Full Spectrum generally refers to CBD oil products that not only contain CBD, but also contain some terpenes and other prominent cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC and even some THC (under the Federal legal limit). These will be in naturally occurring ratios and extracted from the plant.

Pure CBD Oil – Water Soluble vs Fat Soluble

16.04.19 05:06 PM By cannalivingcrystal - Comment(s)

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that everyone and their grandma is launching CBD. We’re even seeing brands coming out with CBD water. And people are going crazy for it! 

BUT.......is it really as good as it’s being advertised? I mean, water is good for you! And CBD is good for...

CBD Oil - Will I pass a drug test?

28.02.19 11:56 AM By cannalivingcrystal - Comment(s)
Passing a drug test while using CBD oil is not a clear cut answer. It depends on your employment policy and understanding federal law.