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Pure CBD Oil – Water Soluble vs Fat Soluble

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that everyone and their grandma is launching CBD. We’re even seeing brands coming out with CBD water. And people are going crazy for it!

BUT…….is it really as good as it’s being advertised? I mean, water is good for you! And CBD is good for you too! 

So let’s take a closer look… what exactly is water soluble CBD?

Water-soluble forms of CBD are not naturally occurring products. The process of making a fat-soluble compound, such as CBD, soluble in water, involves a process called nano-emulsion.

Nano-emulsion uses high frequency ultrasound to induce a process called cavitation, in which small, water soluble spheres (called liposomes) are formed. The CBD molecules are suspended in the liposomes, which float in the water.

Although some manufacturers make claims about how this form of CBD is “enhanced,” there is no data confirming this claim. I have not yet found a water-soluble CBD product that provides as much benefits as lipid-soluble CBD, nor as long lasting.

Companies are making water soluble CBD with the use of Glycerin’s, Solvents, or detergents… or Liposomes. Some are simply not disclosing how they are making their CBD water soluble. Did you just read that right? Yup! So to make an oil water soluble, it involves adding harmful chemicals to it so it can breakdown to a smaller molecular level.

Two problems arise:

  • Your cells don’t know how to interact with the chemicals, possibly causing cellular damage
  • You lose most of the potency because your receptors are initially nourished, then you urinate the rest out before it can be used efficiently by the body.

Doesn't make sense? Ok, read on...

Simply put, “water-soluble” CBD just means it dissolves in water, and it’s not stored in the body’s fat cells. Think Vitamin C for example – if you eat an orange, your body breaks down that orange into all of its nutrients, including carbohydrates for energy, and vitamins and minerals for hormones, growth, tissue repair, and other body functions. The vitamin C from the orange gets dissolved in the water circulating in your body, which then gets delivered to the cells that need it. Once your body uses up all the vitamin C it needs, the unused amount is then sent to your kidneys to get released from your body through urination.

Fat-soluble CBD means it will absorb in the fat in our bodies and stored in the fat tissue in our bodies, we do not excrete them like we would with water. Because these stay in our bodies for longer periods of time, the CBD is more effective and longer lasting.

HempWorx CBD is proudly fat soluble for longest lasting effects, and not designed to be mixed with water. Fat soluble oils go directly to our Endocanabinoid and nervous systems. Purity is the main focus. No additives means we need no synthetic preservatives or harsh chemicals in our oils for effectiveness. The hemp seed oil is a natural preservative from it’s own plant, which only makes sense.

No matter how much these CBD-water companies want to convince you using fancy words like biochemistry, nanotechnology, and liposomal, let’s bring it to the basic logic – oil and water just do not mix. One company, who shall remain nameless, advertised 10 million nanograms of CBD per bottle. For the record, that’s just a bogus way to say the bottle contained only 10mg, which is the standard method of measuring and dosing cannabinoids. And typically what you’d want to start with for a single serving. Not for an entire bottle. That’s a REALLY expensive 10mg of CBD.

Cannabinoids, in their purest, unaltered form, including CBD, are fat-soluble, which means they are best absorbed with a fatty carrier oil as previously explained.

True cannabis tinctures, oils, and concentrates come in small dark glass bottles. These bottles protect the valuable and sensitive compounds inside from exposure to light and air. Yet, CBD water infusions come in clear glass or worse, plastic containers.

My best advice – don’t buy water soluble CBD. To make it water soluble, the oils have to be emulsified. This process requires an additive to the oil to make it disperse in water, essentially breaking it down. Your body doesn’t need it to be water to absorb it. It’s really just an expensive bottle of chemical water! No thanks, my hard earned money is better spent. None of the claims by the water companies are supported by clinical research. A few drops of CBD into your bottle of water, while not dangerous is a fancy marketing ploy, with few health benefits. You’re much better off purchasing a high quality tincture. Not only is the shelf life exponentially longer than a plastic bottle filled with 10 mg of CBD water, but you’ll also get much more bang for your buck and feel better overall.

We have an oil that, when taken under the tongue sublingually, has very high absorption rate directly to our Endocanabinoid and nervous system through our sublingual glands. Purity is the main focus. No additives!

HempWorx didn’t launch to compete in the CBD market – we launched it to show the market what should be available to everyone. We want you educated because a bad CBD could potentially ruin someone who really needs it, from trying a quality one! It’s a good thing we didn’t launch to compete, since we’ve quickly become the #1 CBD company in this great nation.

Yes, we are the G.O.A.T…. Greatest Of All Time!

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Crystal Silins

Crystal Silins

Cannabis Educator and Advocate

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