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Meet Crystal

​​Why CBD? What can CBD do for me?

CBD has been studied and used to help with:

Mental Health

Optimal Cardiovascular Health and Functionality

Joint Discomfort or Stiffness 

Aches and Pains

Weight Loss

Healthier Skin and Skin Disorders

Supports Optimal Immune Function

Healthy Respiratory Function

Increased Energy Levels

Promotes Sound Sleep

Protects Nervous System

Digestive Health and Functionality

Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Substance Abuse 

Neutralize Free Radicals

Reduces the Incidence of Cellular Degeneration

    ​The Science Behind CBD

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most studied and beneficial naturally occurring chemical compounds found in the Cannabis plant. Not to be confused with its cousin, Marijuana, Hemp-derived CBD is non-psychoactive, and found to have incredible therapeutic value for humans and mammals. Due to the low THC content (less then 0.3%), hemp-derived CBD is considered legal in all 50 states. Some states may govern stocking on shelves, however eCommerce is available nationwide. 

    There is a wealth of ongoing research across the globe to prove additional benefits that CBD can provide.

    Our Products

    Unlike a lot of other hemp derived CBD products on the market, ours are sourced from American Farmers. Kentucky farmers have been growing and improving their methods in hemp cultivation and production for generations. When you put your trust into HempWorx CBD products, you can be confident you are getting the highest quality CBD products on the market for you and your family. And yes, CBD is safe for children! 



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    ​Meet Crystal

    Crystal Silins is more the just a cannabis and hemp advocate. She truly has a passion for helping others. Until this past February, Crystal was a senior information security specialist in the corporate America world. Prior to that, she served 8 honorable years in the US Navy traveling the world. After a number of health challenges since being diagnosed with breast cancer at 29 years young, she found that her passion was lacking in information security, and the stress became somewhat unbearable in corporate America. She took her future in her own hands to focus on her mental and physical heath, spending more time with family, while working toward pursing her passion for people, cannabis advocacy, breast health advocacy, and non profit volunteerism. 

    CBD has brought balance to her holistic health approaches and has given her much relief in various challenges that she’s faced over the years since her cancer diagnosis. 

    She is on a mission to educate others on the power of the hemp plant, to help allow them to make an informed personal decision on their holistic health approaches. When people ask Crystal, “why HempWorx?” Her answer is simply, because it’s the world’s purest CBD, and it works. She’s tried a number of other CBD oils, and they just aren’t up to par. HempWorx is truly, the “world’s purest CBD oil!”

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